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Tali Wood Logs

Tail is a megaphanerophyte from west Africa, Local Africa and subtropical zones. The tree stature is around 30m and the distance across is around 1m. Bone is Hard for process, great thickness, anticorrosive, corrosive safe.
We entirely take after the bundling rules and we guarantee that finest quality bundling material is utilized as bundling shields the encased item from physical, compound and microbiological attack. Our organization is knowledgeable with online and in addition conventional installment strategies. According to prerequisites of benefactors, we can consent to an arrangement for installment with appropriate terms and conditions.


Round Logs Cut Sizes as per Demand.

Common Uses

Furniture, cabinetry, veneer, flooring, docks, boatbuilding, exterior millwork and construction, turned objects, inlays, and other small specialty wood items